Consulting & Data Services for the Private Capital Markets

Aim Data Wisely





Controlling for barometric pressure, Mount Everest has the same altitude as the Dead Sea.


Prediction & Inference

Example: How can I relate the values of homes to inputs such as crime, zoning, views, air quality & schools?


Develop the “best” model to predict something

  • How can I predict value of a home given its attributes?

  • Is this house under- or over-valued?

Applicable to investment decisions?  High

Applicable to operations / value creation? Low



Understand the association between an outcome and a variable

  • How do the individual input variables affect prices?

  • How much extra will a house be worth if it has a view?

Applicable to investment decisions?  High

Applicable to operations / value creation? High


Workflows That Can Benefit From an Internal Insights Engine


What Can You Do to Improve Deal Sourcing?

Having a Well Defined Investment Thesis 

A sharp point of view about the type of deals the firm excels in and wants to find

  1. Helps focus effort and develop the domain expertise needed to find alpha
  2. Establishes prominence and thought leadership in the area of focus

Having a Value Creating Network

Focus on expanding their network of formal advisers and informal influencers as a way to find targets 

  1. Helps firms become top of mind for advisers
  2. Enables early discovery of opportunities in the core focus